Zvezda Military 1/35 Russian T14 Armata Main Battle Tank Kit

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The T-14 Armata MBT created quite a reaction when it first appeared in the Victory Day parade in Moscow in 2015.  It is a new generation MBT with a fully automated turret and the crew of three in an armored compartment in the hull.  It is intended that the hull will be used for a new family of AFV types.  Visually, the turret is very angular, such a change from their MBT designs from T-55 through to T-90.  Armed with a 125mm smoothbore main gun and a remote-controlled PKT machine gun, it has reactive armor protection along with the Afghanit Active protection system and millimetric wavelength radar to detect incoming anti-tank munitions, which is more advanced than systems on Western AFVs at present.  The three-man crew are in a protective capsule intended to improve their survivability in the event of what might be an otherwise destructive hit on the MBT.
  1. Kit consists of 410 parts on 11 sprues
  2. Clear parts included
  3. Tracks in segments
  4. Decals for 3 units:-
  • Moscow May Parade version
  • 2 tanks of Russian Army

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