Internet Hobbies is a fulfillment of the dreams of a team of avid modelers. Now celebrating their 17th year in business on the Internet, the company is happy with their solid position as one of the world’s largest online hobby destinations.

The owner likes to tell a story of his first exposure to modeling. “I was about eight years old when my stepfather came home one day holding a plain brown paper bag and offered me a rather unusual choice.” He asked me, “Which one do you want, a Camel or Newport?” I said Dad, “You know I don’t smoke so why are you offering me cigarettes.” Well to my surprise he pulled out two small Aurora WWI plastic kits from the bag. One was the Sopwith Camel and the other was a little French Nieuport 17.  I chose the Nieuport and he got the Camel. We built those planes together that afternoon in what was truly a life altering experience. From that moment on I was hooked on building plastic models. A few years ago my step dad became a customer of ours. He was surprised when I called him to say hello. I told him the above story and how important that little experience has been to me over the last 50 years.

We actually started off only selling model trains as Internet Model Trains in 1995, my other favorite hobby. It wasn’t too long that we decided to expand into a full service online hobby shop. Thus Internet Hobbies was born in 1999.

In July of 2005 we moved Internet Hobbies to Northeastern Pennsylvania. We have a retail outlet store and a huge warehouse and state-of-the-art shipping department.

When asked what makes Internet Hobbies different from other online merchants, we state, “Our primary goal at Internet Hobbies is to offer our customers an excellent buying experience by proactively managing our customer’s expectations. This philosophy to total dedication to excellent customer service has helped propel Internet Hobbies to become the “leader of the pack” in online hobby sales.

We look forward to even greater growth during our 19th year in business. We have recently upgraded our website by using Shopify’s excellent e-commerce platform which allows us to better serve our customers. This upgrade includes a comprehensive website search engine making it easy to find what you are looking for. We’ve recently added thousands of new items to our website to give our customers more selection to choose from.

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