Zvezda Military 1/72 British Bofors 40mm Mk 1/2 AA Gun (Snap Kit)

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Designed by the Swedish manufacturer AB Bofors, this 40mm auto cannon was one of the most widely used anti-aircraft guns of World War II. The weapon was so popular and reliable, that a version of it continues to be used today. Variants of the Bofors 40mm AA gun were used by almost every major combatant of World War II, both on land and at sea. Over 5,000 Bofors guns were sent to the USSR during the war under the “Lend-Lease” program.

The Bofors gun fired up to 120 2-pound, high-explosive shells per minute, and could engage targets at an altitude of 12,500 feet (3800 m). The original design was difficult to use against fast-moving aircraft, so the British army created a mechanical computer called the “Kerrison Director” which helped the three-man firing team acquire their targets. But, this system was often difficult to use, and required a large electrical generator, forcing most crews to rely on the guns back-up iron sights.
  • Includes unit flag and unit card for use with the Art of Tactic WWII game.

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