Zvezda Military 1/100 Soviet BT5 Tank Snap Kit

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Before World War II began, the Soviet Union designed and built a number of Bystrokhodny Tankov (“fast-moving tank”) or “cavalry tanks”. These tanks had little armor, but were the most maneuverable tanks in the world at the time. The lessons learned from these designs would be applied in the famous T-34 tank, which would replace all of the BT line.

The BT series of light tanks were based on the U.S. Christie tank after two copies were smuggled out of the United States in the early 1930s. The most successful tank in the series was the BT-5, which began production in 1933 and spawned a number of variations. It featured a 45mm main gun and a coaxial machine gun. The tank weighed in at 11.5 tons and measured 5.5 meters in length. Thanks to a 400 horsepower engine, it could manage road speeds up to 70 kilometers per hour.
  • Includes one plastic model Soviet World War II tank.
  • Includes unit flag and unit card for use with the Art of Tactic WWII game.

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