Zvezda Military 1/72 German 81mm Mortar w/2 Crew Snap Kit

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The standard issue heavy mortar for the German army in World War II was the 8 cm Granatwerfer 34: an 81mm smoothbore mortar with exceptional accuracy and a very high rate of fire. This weapon was designed to be broken down into three pieces, making it easier for a crew of four to transport it along with its ammunition. It was designed to fire both high explosive and smoke shells with a maximum range of about 2400 meters.

Mortars allowed infantry units to transport and deploy their own “artillery”, albeit a limited one. The portability of these weapons (compared with traditional field pieces) and their ability to attack an enemy position with indirect fire made them invaluable on both the offence and defense.
  • Includes unit flags and unit cards for use with the Art of Tactic WWII game.

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