Williams Brothers Aircraft 1/32 Wedell Williams 121 Gilmore Red Lion Racer Kit

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Wedell Williams Incorporated was organized during 1928 by pilot/designer James Robert Wedell and millionaire Harry Palmerson Williams. The Louisiana firm offered charter services, passenger flights, and flying lessons. They also branched into manufacturing, starting with sport types, then they ventured into producing racing aircraft. During 1931, Jimmy Wedell achieved a credible second place in the Thompson Trophy event, better only by Lowell Bayles in the Gee Bee “Z”. Among those impressed by the performance was Roscoe Turner, who contracted for a brand new Wedell Williams Racer. Actually, since members of the W-W group were occupied with their own efforts, a major portion of the fabrication was conducted by Don Young, Turners ace mechanic. Since formal drawings for previous racers did not exist, most dimensions were obtained by direct measurement of a nearby aircraft. The finished machine was test flown by Jimmy Wedell and accepted by Roscoe Turner. However, at the insistence of Harry Williams, a second test was performed with ballast added to the seat, simulating the extra weight of Turner. During a high speed pass, one wing failed and Wedell just managed to escape by parachute before the aircraft was totally destroyed. A second, strengthened aircraft passed all tests and became the famous 121 “Gilmore Red Lion”.

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