White Ensign Details 1/72 Type VIIc U-Boat Detail Set for RVL

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To fit the Revell kit. Contains two frets in different thicknesses. 

  • Contains: 20mm Fittings, Aft Torpedo Loading Hatch, Amidships Deck Hatches, Attack Periscope Mount Footbars, Ballast Tank Vents, Biscay Cross, Bollard Tops, Bow Lower Cable Cutter, Bow Torpedo Tube Doors, Bow Upper Cable Cutter, Cable Tensioners, Compass & Engine Telegraph Dial, Con Tower Top Side Vent Grilles, Conning Tower Hatch Mechanism, Conning Tower Markings, Conning Tower Side Vent Grilles, Deck Hatch Hinges, Diesel Exhaust, Diving Tank Valve Outlets, Fore Deck Hatches, Forward Torpedo Loading Hatch, FuMo 61 Antenna, FuMo29 Antennas, FuMo30 Radar Antenna, Gun Deck Hatch, Gun Handwheels, Hatch Handles, Large Casing Access Hatch, Naxos Antenna, Periscope Compass Repeater, Periscope Stiffeners, Replacement Rail, Retractable Bollard Plates, Small Stern Access Hatch, Snorkel Housing Crosses, Torpedo Aimer Sight Bezel, Torpedo Aimer Sight Footbars.

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