White Ensign Details 1/400 German Pocket Detail Set

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Includes parts for Graf Spee, Scheer & Lutzow/Deutschland.


  • 3-Bar Railings with Angled Stanchions, 3-Bar Railings (Plain), 2-Bar Railings, Stock Bulwark with Top Handrail, Stock Vertical Ladders, Anchor Chain, Handrail Selection, Twin 3.7cm Flak Mounting Assembly, 2cm Flakveirling C38 Mounting Assembly, Single 2cm Flak, Large Open Boat Thwarts, Small Dinghy Thwarts, Large Workboat Fittings, Large Workboat Canopy, Small Motor Boat Fittings, Boats’ Wheels, Steam Pinnace Fittings, Inclined Ladder (Standard), Inclined Ladder (Long), Crane Jibs, Crane Rigging, Crane Hooks, Portholes, Doors, Deck Hatches, Main Turret Sighting Hatches, Main Turret Rangefinder Arm Hatches, Windows with Side Hinged Hatches, Windows with Bottom Hinged Hatches, Marx Floats, Aircraft Catapult, Capstan Hand Wheels, Aircraft Launch Cradle, Stern Crest, Catapult Access Platform, Propeller Guard Frames, Cable and Hose Reels, Arado Ar-196 Seaplane Parts, FuMb7 Radar Antenna, FuMb4 Radar Antennas, FuMo22 Radar Antennas, FuMo27 Radar Antennas, Director Arm Footbars, Sea Boat Davits;
  • Lützow Parts Boat Crane Jib, Deutschland Bow Crests, Crane Rigging, Foretop Yard Foot Ropes, Foretop Yard Antenna Array, Bridge Wing Platforms, Bridge Wing Supports, Forward Searchlight Platform Supports, Forward Searchlight Platform, Lützow Bow Crests, Foretop Aft Yardarm Footropes, Mainmast Yardarm Fitting;
  • Admiral Scheer Parts Foretop Windows, Bridge Windows, Boat Crane Jib, Crane Rigging, Bow Crests, Foretop Platform (Early), Foretop Platform Supports, Foretop Small Yards, Foretop Forward FuMb Mounting, Foretop Side FuMb Mountings, Foretop Aft Yardarm Rigging, Mainmast Top Yardarm Footropes, Mainmast Yardarm Fitting (Early), Mainmast Antenna Array, Funnel Platform Extension Supports, Funnel Platform Extension;
  • Admiral Graf Spee Parts Lower Bridge Windows, Small Boat Crane Rigging, Admiral’s Bridge Windows, Mainmast Lower Yardarm Footropes, Foretop Yardarm Footropes, Mainmast Top Yardarm Footropes, Foremast Top Yardarm Footropes, Bow Crests, "Coronel" Plate, Foretop Aft Yardarm Footropes, Foremast Mast Upper Platform, Forward Searchlight Platform, Forward Searchlight Platform Supports.

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