White Ensign Details 1/400 DKM Prinz Eugen/Hipper Heavy Cruiser Detail Set

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Designed for the Heller kits. Fits out one model.


  • Standard & Stanchioned 3 Bar Railings, Vertical Ladder (Stock), Anchor Cable, Single 40mm Bofors, 40mm Bofors Turret Top Footplates, 40mm Bofors Footplate Railings, 20mm Flakveirling, Half Height Railings, Bulwark Handrails, Single 20mm C30, 3.7mm Doppelflak, Bridge Window Plate, Crane Jib (Prinz Eugen), Hose Reels, Turmmast Forward Yard Footbars, Arado 196 Seaplane Parts, Superstructure Elevation Stop Rails, Funnel Base Vent Grills ( Hipper/Blücher), Funnel Base Catwalk (Hipper/Blücher), FuMb4 (Sumatra) Antenna, Mast Top Yards & Footropes, Stern Crest, Funnel Platform & Supports (Hipper/Blücher), Seaplane Launch Cradle, Catapult Access Plaform, Funnel Cap Grill, Crane Jib (Hipper/Blücher), Crane Base (Hipper/Blücher), Foremast Braces, Boat Davit Winch Drum, Bridge Wings (Hipper/ Blücher), Mainmast Lower Platform (Late Prinz Eugen), Mainmast Platform, Turmmast Aft Yards & Footbars, Battle Bridge Windows, Main Mast Upper Platform, Seaplane Catapult, Retractable Bridge Wings (Prinz Eugen), Inclined Ladder (6mm), FuMo26 Radar Antenna (Late), FuMo26 Radar Antenna (Early), FuMb7 (Timor) Antenna, Radar Antenna Mounting Frames, FuMo22 Radar Antenna, Aft Boat Cradle Catwalks (Hipper/Blücher), Circular Portholes with W/T Hatches, Port Forward Boat Cradles, Starboard Forward Boat Cradles, Aft Boat Cradles (Hipper/Blücher), FuMo22 Radar Antenna, Marx Floats, Small Open Boat Thwarts, Large Open Boat Thwarts, Long Inclined Ladders, FuMo23 Radar Antenna, Inclined Ladders (7mm), Deck Hatches, Watertight Doors, Rectangular Windows with Side Opening Hatches, Rectangular Windows with Top Opening Hatches, Whale Boat Davit Assemblies.

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