White Ensign Details 1/350 Buckley Class Destroyer Escort/Captain Class Frigate Detail Set

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Contains: Stock 3-Bar Railings, Stock 2-Bar Railings, Fitted Aft Section Railings (Plain), Fitted Aft Section Railings (Netted), USN Whaleboat Prop & Rudder, Fitted Bow Section Railings (Plain), Fitted Bow Section Railings (Netted), 20mm Oerlikons, 3" Gun Shields (Captain Class), 3" Gun Shield Attachments, Mast Platform DF Antenna, 3" Gun Fittings, 291 Radar Antenna (Captain Class), 2-Pdr Bow Chaser (Captain Class), Bow Chaser Gun Shield (Captain Class), BK Antennas, Bow Chaser Spray Shield (Captain Class), Large Stern Cable Reels (Captain Class), Accommodation Ladder Davit, Accommodation Ladder Handrails, Accommodation Ladder Steps, 'B' Gun Rocket Rails (Captain Class), 1.1" Quad Machine Gun Mounting, Side Spray Shields with Door Opening, Spray Shield Doors, Stern Depth Charge Rails, Depth Charge Rail Base, Side Depth Charge Stowage Rack (Captain Class), Depth Charge Davits, Mast Yardarm & Thickeners, Funnel Wire Spreaders, Masthead HF/DF Antenna (Captain Class), Inclined Ladders, Single Carley Raft Stowages, Screw Bottle Davits 27' Whaler (Captain Class), TBS Antenna, SA Radar Antenna, Midships Gun Tub Supports, 'K' Gun Loading Racks, Floater Net Baskets, Forward Gun Tub Depression Rail, B Gun Tub Depression Rail, Bridge Front DF Antenna, Life Rings, Aft 3" Gun Tub Depression Rail, Hedgehog Rounds, Funnel Siren Platform Fittings, Aft 3" Gun Tub Training Stop Rail, Mk 51 Director Details, Carley Raft Stowages (Captain Class), Fitted Mast Vertical Ladder, Sky Lookouts, Anchor Chain, Stock Vertical Ladder, Standard Watertight Doors, Funnel Sirens, Torpedo Crane Rigging, Cable Reels, Quick Release Watertight Doors, 25' Motor Boat Fittings (Captain Class ), Bridge Windows, Large Deck Hatches, 25' Motor Cutter Fittings (Captain Class), Sweep Davits (Captain Class), Small Deck Hatches.

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