Unimodel Military 1/72 Recovery Tractor on T34 Chassis Kit

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A tractor with towing equipment based on T-34 tank was designed and entered in service in 1945. It was created for evacuation and towing of middle and light tanks out of the battlefield. Driving force was 15 tons. The machine in weight of 29 tons had the maximal speed 7 km/h. A cargo platform with carrying capacity of 2.5 tons was installed in the rear part of the vehicle. The tractor was equipped with a crane boom and a radio.
  • 142 parts
  • Detailed exterior, separate driver's hatch, link-and-length track, cable spool, large tool bins, crane boom parts (stowed), plus photo-etch grilles and machine gun aperture detail.
  • Color painting reference for a typical vehicle and generic white numeral decals.

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