Trumpeter Aircraft 1/32 A1D AD4 Skyraider USN Aircraft Kit

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The Douglas A-1 Skyraider was designed during WWII as the new generation torpedo/bomber. Following the war, plans were changed with the Navy adopting the Skyraider as a new all-around strike aircraft. The AD-4 was the largest production variant of the family with a new 2700 horsepower R-3350-26WA engine, strengthened windshield to protect against ground fire, two extra guns, an autopilot and a new arresting hook. The AD-4 was renamed as the A-1D with the new nomenclature of the US Navy in 1962.
  • 400 plastic parts
  • Photo-etched cockpit details
  • Finely detailed engine
  • Detailed Cockpit
  • Optional position flaps
  • Large variety of external loads
  • Wings may be built folded or extended
  • Optional metal undercarriage
Markings for:
  • US Navy, VA-95, AD-4D(A-1D) 515, N(BuNo. 127003)
  • USMC, VMA-324, AD-4B(A-1D), 2, LX(BuNo. 132364)

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