Trumpeter Aircraft 1/32 Shenyang F5/Mig17 Daytime Fighter Kit

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The F-5 fighter plane is the first kind of fighter plane that simulated with the “Mig-17”og the Russian that produced by China Shengyang Aircraft Company in 1956, mainly used for the air battle at daytime. The maximum speed is 1145KM/hour(0.99 Mach),the actual fighting height is 16000m , the weapon device is the same as the “MiG-15”. In February, 1958,Hu Chunsheng, Shu jicheng of P.L.A Air Force had ever shot the “RB-57D” air scout of KMT at height of 15000m and created the first record of shooting the enemy aircraft in the strato sphere in the world. 

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