Trumpeter Ship Models 1/700 German Zerstorer Z25 Destroyer 1944 Kit

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Z-25, a Type 1936A destroyer, was commissioned on November 30th, 1940. During the war, her forward gun was replaced by a twin turret and the anti-aircraft armament was increased. In operation Cerberus, Z-25 and a number of smaller ships supported Scharnhost, Gneisenau and Prinz Eugen sailed from Brest to their home bases in Germany via the English Channel. Despite British attacks by the Royal Air Force, the Fleet Air Arm and Coastal Artillery, all the ships had completed their transit. In March 1942, Z-25, Z-24, Z-26 and U-boats intercepted PQ-13 which was a British Arctic convoy. The Germans sank 6 transport ships. From late April to early May, Z-25 attack convoy QP-11 together with another two destroyers. HMS Edinburgh was sunk as while as a transport ship. She was taken over by France after the war and Scrapped in 1958.
  • 250+ Parts
  • Optional full or waterline hull, detailed deck and superstructure, fine deck fittings, weapons suite (5.9" gun turrets, 37mm LM42 mounts, 20mm FlaK 38 LM43 mounts, naval 20mm Flakvierlings and 533mm torpedo launchers), ship's boats, life rafts, torpedo boom, mine rails, mines, nameplate
  • Photo-etch parts (radar mattresses, gun shields, searchlight platform, funnel cap grilles, mast aerials, capstan wheels and display stand)
  • Completed length is approximately 7.2"
  • Color painting guide shows port, starboard and overhead plan views with decals for ensigns

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