Trumpeter Ship Models 1/350 German DKM Peter Stasser Aircraft Carrier Kit

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The contract to build the ship was awarded to the Friedrich Krupp Germaniawerft in Kiel in 1938, with a planned launch date on 1 July 1940. Work on Flugzeugträger B began in 1938 but was halted on 19 September 1939 because, now that Germany was at war with Great Britain and France, priority had shifted to U-Boat construction. The hull, completed only up to the armored deck, sat rusting on its slipway until 28 February 1940, when Admiral Raeder ordered her broken up and scrapped. Scrapping was completed four months later.

The Kriegsmarine never named a vessel before it was launched, so it was only given the designation "B" ("A" was Graf Zeppelin's designation before launch). Had it been completed, this aircraft carrier could have been named Peter Strasser in honor of the World War I leader of the naval airships.
  • 840+ Parts
  • Hull split into two parts 
  • Detailed flight deck and hangar deck 
  • Extensive photo-etched details included
  • Aircraft Wing includes:   AR-195 , Bf-109 , Ju-87 ,  Fi-167
  • Complete ship and aircraft decal sets

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