Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 Soviet UAZ469 All-Terrain Vehicle Kit

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The UAZ-469 is an all-terrain vehicle manufactured by UAZ. It was used by the Red Army and other Warsaw Pact forces, as well as paramilitary units in Eastern Bloc countries. In the Soviet Union, it also saw widespread service in all state organizations that needed a robust off-road vehicle.

The UAZ-469 was introduced in 1973, replacing the earlier GAZ-69. The UAZ-469 presented two great advantages: It was able to drive in virtually any terrain and it was very easy to fix.
  • 240+ Parts
  • Chassis frame, engine and drive line, detailed suspension, exhaust, fully rendered passenger interior, optional position doors, filigree fine details (inside and out), separately molded hood, raised canvas texture top, clear-molded window glazings and lamp lenses, vinyl tires
  • Photo-etch detail parts (including grille mesh and badge and mud flaps)
  • 5-view color painting guide for 3 schemes
  • Decals for Russian and Czech Army service - includes dash panel gauges

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