Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 Soviet KV85 Heavy Tank Kit

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A stop-gap upgrade to the KV series was the short-lived KV-85 or Objekt 239. This was a KV-1S with a new turret designed for the IS-85, mounting the same 85 mm D-5T gun as the SU-85 and early versions of the T-34-85. Already-high demand for the gun slowed production of the KV-85 tremendously, and only 148 were built before the KV design was replaced. The KV-85 was produced in the fall and winter of 1943-44; they were sent to the front as of September 1943, and production of the KV-85 was stopped by the spring of 1944 once the IS-2 entered full-scale production.
  • 430+ Parts
  • Defined raised and engraved exterior surface features (including weld seams)
  • Finely rendered running gear (with multi-part wheels and sprockets), individual link track, optional position access hatches, cast texture turret, filigree rails, cylindrical fuel tanks, fender-mounted tool bins, clear molded lamp lenses, braided wire tow cable, turned metal gun barrel
  • Photo-etch parts (grille, brackets and fine details)
  • 5-view color painting guide for a typical Soviet vehicle and decals for (4) tanks.

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