Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 Soviet BMP1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Kit

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The BMP-1 is a Soviet amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicle. BMP stands for Boyevaya Mashina Pekhoty , meaning "fighting vehicle of infantry" . The BMP-1 was the world's first mass-produced infantry fighting vehicle (IFV).

It was a revolutionary design combining the properties of an armored personnel carrier (APC) and a light tank. The Soviet military leadership saw any future wars as being conducted with nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, where unprotected infantry would soon be either killed or incapacitated by radiation or chemical and biological agents. A vehicle like the BMP would allow infantry to operate from the relative safety of its armored, radiation shielded interior in contaminated areas and to fight alongside it in uncontaminated areas. It would increase.
  • Over 460 parts
  • Exterior surfaces with crisp engraved and raised detail
  • Fully reproduced running gear (individual suspension arms with multi-part wheels and sprockets)
  • Individual link track, optional position hull and turret hatches
  • Single-piece fenders
  • 9K11 Malyutka/Sagger missile with launcher
  • Optional position bow plane, clear-molded lenses and periscopes
  • Turned metal gun barrel
  • Photo-etch parts (grilles, brackets, louvers)
  • Decals and color painting reference for (4) vehicles: Red Army No 542; East German Army and Czech Army No 104 and 093.

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