Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 Russian BTR70 Armored Personnel Carrier Late Version Kit

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  • Well detailed exterior hull with raised and engraved surface features, well rendered multi-part suspension, optional position covers (crew hatches, forward view port covers, gun port covers, bin doors, engine deck access panels), separately molded pioneer tools and on-vehicle equipment, rear radiator fans with louvered covers, full driver and troop compartment interiors, conical turret (with interior - included heavy and secondary machine gun breeches), optional deployed or stowed bow plane, jerry cans, aft impeller cover, extensive filigree exterior fittings, clear-molded periscopes and windscreens, poly cap wheel attachment, vinyl tires
  • Photo-etch parts (grilles and fine accents).  
  • Decals and painting notes for 2 typical Soviet vehicles with additional numerals for alternate designations.

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