Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 Russian 100mm Anti-Tank M1944 (BS3) Gun Kit

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Gun was employed by light artillery brigades of tank armies (20 pieces along with 48 ZiS-3) and by corps artillery. In the Second World War the BS-3 was successfully used as a powerful anti-tank gun. It was capable of defeating any contemporary tank at long range. The gun was also used as a field gun, though in this role it was less powerful than the 122 mm A-19, as it fired a smaller round, the BS-3 was more mobile and had a higher rate of fire. Kit features multi-part gun barrel and muzzle brake, ammo and ammo cases, vinyl tires and photo-etch fine details.

May be built in transport or firing configuration - 5-view color painting guide for 1 typical weapon.

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