Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 PLA Chinese ZBD6B Type 86B Infantry Fighting Vehicle Kit

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The WZ501 family is a derivative of the Soviet BMP-1, with a slight reduction in weight and maximum road speed. It features a similar low pressure 73mm gun and the Sagger ATGM, along with six road wheels per side. The Type 86 IFV is fully amphibious and is fitted with an NBC system and infra-red night vision equipment's for commander, driver, and gunner.
  • Crisp molding with exterior detail on upper hull, detail on fenders, detailed running gear with (sprockets, road wheels, idler wheels and individual link track), separately molded rear doors and hatches
  • 1-piece 73mm gun barrel, 7.62 machine gun, HJ-73 missile, smoke grenade launchers, filigree turret bustle, ample exterior fittings, clear parts
  • Photo-etch parts (grilles, brush guards and fine details).
  • Decals and 5-view color painting reference for 2 schemes.

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