Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 M1135 Stryker Nuclear Biological Chemical Recon Vehicle (NBCRV) Kit


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The M1135 Stryker NBC RV provides NBC situational awareness to increase the combat power of the BCT. The core of the NBC RV is its on-board integrated NBC sensor suite and integrated meteorological system. An NBC positive overpressure system that minimizes cross-contamination of samples and detection instruments, provides crew protection, and allows extended operations at MOPP 0. M1135 replaces the M93 Fox vehicle.
  • New tool roof-mounted NBC detection equipment
  • Well detailed drive train and hull suspension
  • Separately molded hatches and rear door
  • Optional raised or lowered driver's vision port
  • Stowage racks, separate on-vehicle equipment and tools, removable tow bars, detailed winch, choice of M2 or Mk19 armed remote weapon station, vinyl tires, die-cut window masks and photo-etch parts (including mesh screens, covers, brackets, cable cutter and additional fine exterior details)
  • Decals and color painting guide for a typical vehicle

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