Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 M1127 Stryker Recon Vehicle (RV) Kit


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The M1127 Stryker Reconnaissance Vehicle (RV)provides an effective platform for RSTA Squadrons and battalion scouts to perform reconnaissance and surveillance operations. The RV accommodates a squad of six and an additional augmented, for a total vehicle capacity of seven personnel. The scout platoon for the battalion developed tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) that allowed them to use the vehicle while still performing the traditional dismounted scout platoon mission. The scout squad moved to a location in the vicinity of their operational area. Then they backed their Stryker vehicles, again equipped with the add-on armor, near stands of trees, brush or other types of concealment. The scout squads dismounted and moved to their observation points, named areas of interest (NAI), or other locations. After the completion of their missions, the squad returned to the vehicles, sent any necessary reports via FBCB2 and FM, and then moved to their next location. Using existing TTPs, by carefully selecting the Stryker vehicle hide positions,they were prepared to depart quickly after the return of the squad with minimum preparation or challenge.
Contains: 440 Parts

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