Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 German SdKfz 7/1 Halftrack Late Version w/2cm Flak 38 Gun & Supply Trailer Kit

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Directly after the demonstration of the experimental Geraet 400 for Hitler on October 24, on November 21, 1939 the Luftwaffe ordered 100 to be mounted on 8-ton Zugkraftwagen chassis. Originally, the 2 cm Flak 38-Vierling was secured with a central pivot mounting; later, base supports and rachets were used to secure the normal ground mount. Starting in 1942, an armor radiator shield and crew cab were introduced as protection against shell fragments and small arms fire. The first series of 100 were completed from April 1940 through mid-1941. Continuing at a low rate of 10 per month in early 1942, production accelerated in August 1942 to meet the increased the art of Allied air power. Altogether about 750 to 800 were produced by the end of December 1944. 
  • Highly detailed frame, power train, suspension with individual link track, excellent cab interior, separate cab doors/hatches/vision slits and cargo bed with tread plate texture and optional slat or mesh side panels (buildable in raised or firing position).
  • Sd.Ah towed trailer's ammunition box has 4 internal compartments and separate access panels - may be hitched to vehicle.
  • Includes vinyl tires, brass wire, nylon cord for cable, separately molded hood panels and on-vehicle tools, choice of canvas texture bed cover or uncovered bed stays, and photo-etch parts (tread plate surfaces, brackets, side mesh and gun shields and additional details)
  • Decals and color painting guide for a typical vehicle - includes gauges and registration plates

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