Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 German Krupp/Ardelt 105mm leFH18 Waffentrager Weapons Carrier Kit

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Towards the last months of WWII the Ardelt/Krupp design team concepted the leichter Einheitswaffentrger 10.5cm IFH, which based on chassis components already used in the Hetzer and 38 D vehicle series with the air cooled V 12 Tatra Diesel engine . As only a minimum of protection was intended, the weight could be limited to 15 tons to give a higher mobility. Till end of the war only few prototypes were built.
  • Detailed exterior
  • Running gear with individual link track
  • Separate on-vehicle equipment
  • Driver's compartment
  • Hinged driver's view port cover
  • Fighting compartment
  • Weapon with metal gun barrel and fully detailed mount
  • Optional position travel lock
  • Photo-etch parts (ammunition racks, brackets, levers and casing ends)
  • Color painting suggestions for a typical vehicle
  • Decals for national insignia

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