Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 German Jagdpanzer E100 Super Heavy Tank Kit


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One of the last projects in the long line of German ingenious "E-series" next generation tanks, the E-100 was planned to be the basis for a whole new line of super heavy armored vehicles. The Salamander was based on the E-100 chassis, and was developed to be the next generation tank destroyer. The prototypes were produced in Henschel of Haustenbeck  in the suburbs of Paderborn. The main armament consists of a 170mm anti-tank gun capable of firing armor piercing projectiles at ranges up to four kilometers. A 75mm co-axial gun similar to the Maus was planned but was done away with to give more room for the crew and ammunition. The shape that integrated a fighting compartment within the main body is reminiscent of the Jagdpanther, with the front having enough angles of inclination to produce 200mm of frontal armor.With a 1,200HP engine and a new torque converter from Mekydro, a projected speed closer to 40km/hour was attainable.
  • Detailed exterior surfaces
  • Multi-part road wheels and sprockets
  • Vinyl track lengths
  • Sloped faceted superstructure with interlocked armor texture
  • Separate crew and engine hatches
  • Flared side skirts
  • Roof-mounted MG 42 and photo-etch grilles
  • Color painting guide for 2 conjectural German vehicles
  • Decals including national insignia and tactical numbers (red with white outlines) 0-9

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