Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 BRM3 High-Speed Trench Digging Vehicle Kit

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In 1946 "200 HTZM" division resumed works on developing heavy prime mover based upon T-54 tank in accordance with government post-war program on making the artillery armament. The mover engineering requirements presented were the following:25-ton artillery system towing at 35 km/hour in any conditions,5-ton platform load capacity,25-ton tractive effort winch availability. Mover chassis should be equipped with earth-moving and special tools and drive gears to operate said tools.Vehicles based on AT-T include:BAT-M,BTM-3,MDK-2M.
  • 770+ parts
  • Kit w/refined detail
  • Multi-slide molded lower hull 
  • Individual tracks w/fine detail
  • Photo etched parts included

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