Trumpeter Military Models 1/35 Soviet Komintern Artillery Tractor Kit

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The Komintern artillery tractor was based on the suspension of the T-12 tank and later the T-24 (2,000 built from 1935 to 1941), powered by a 131-hp diesel engine. Despite the dismal fate of its predecessor tanks, the tractor was more successful and was put into mass production. Of course, the Komintern inherited several of the T-24's disadvantages, but some of them were fixed by designers, others were not as significant for tractor as for a tank. The Komintern was used to tow medium artillery such as the ML20 152 mm gun-howitzer.
  • Crisp raised and engraved surface features
  • Well detailed running rear
  • Individual link track, single-piece hood and radiator shell, cab with fully appointed interior and optional position doors, plank texture rear bed and side panels, filigree grab bars and exterior fittings plus injection-molded clear parts (windshield, window glazings and lenses)
  • Decals and 5-view color painting guide for a typical Red Army vehicle - includes dash panel gauges

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