Trumpeter Aircraft 1/72 Nachchang Q5 Chinese Ground Attack Aircraft (New Variant) Kit

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Q-5 is derived from China’s F-6 (J-6)/MiG-19 and entered mass production in 1969. The initial design and development began in the early 1960’s.

As originally designed the Q-5 used two 30mm cannons installed in the nose on both sides, later changed to two 23mm cannons in the wings. The lengthened fuselage incorporates an internal weapons bay some 4m in length. Additional ordnance can be carried on external pylons under each wing.  A later variant was adapted to carry nuclear armament.

Q-5 has been continuously improved and upgraded, eventually becoming a huge family of single-seat and two-seater types including Q-5, Q-5I, Q-5IA(Q-5B), Q-5II(Q-5C), Q-5III, Q-5D, Q-5E, Q-5F, Q-5G, Q -5J, Q-5N.

Production of the Q-5 series exceeded more than one thousand aircraft. In addition to Chinese air & naval deployment, the Q-5 has been exported to North Korea, Pakistan and other countries and are known locally as the A-5.

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