Tamiya Military 1/35 French R35 Light Tank Kit

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Tamiya’s French tank model kits have become well known for their unique subject matter and superb historical accuracy. This kit recreates the R35. It was originally designed as a successor to the late-WWI Renault FT, and inherited its 37mm gun, paired with a cast turret and three-piece bolted cast hull. Around 1,500 were manufactured after its official adoption in 1935; they were one of the main pillars of the French attempt to resist the German onslaught during the Fall of France in May/June 1940.

  • The 37mm gun offers elevation and (as on the actual R35) 5 degrees of traverse to either side.
  • Assembly type tracks allow fuss-free depiction of upper run ‘sag.’ They feature one-piece straight sections.
  • Comes with two marking options, and a figure perched on the hatch in the turret rear.
  • Color painting guide included which aids with recreation of the intricate French camouflage pattern.

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