Tamiya Military 1/35 British Paratroopers (2) w/Bicycles Kit

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During WWII, the British Army needed to provide mobility for paratroopers who had been dropped behind enemy lines; their solution was the folding airborne bicycle (according to some, known as the "Parabike"). It was light enough to be carried in large numbers on transport aircraft, and of course also to be carried individually in the air by paratroopers. To make it more compact, the bicycle had a hinge in the middle of the frame so it could be folded.

The Tamiya model faithfully captures the real life subjects nuances in 1/35 scale. Tamiya’s model designers did extensive research on the full size subject to capture every detail. 
  • The model includes 2 bicycle models, which can be assembled in folded or extended form.
  • Handles and pedals are depicted using separate parts.
  • 2 realistic figures are included, one in the process of getting on a bicycle, and the other pushing.
  • Modelers can choose between a helmet or beret, and each model also has 2 different arm positions.
  • Comes with accessories such as haversack, pouch and water canteen, in addition to a rifle.

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