Tamiya Military 1/48 KV2 Gigant Heavy Tank Kit

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Accepting Back Orders - Will Ship When Available

A Battlefield Monster -Following the creation of the KV-1 heavy tank, the Soviets produced a variant model armed with a short-barreled 152mm howitzer mounted in an impressively large turret. The so-called KV-2 heavy assault tank was intended to target bunkers and other enemy strong points following lessons learned in the war with Finland but was deployed to blunt the German advance into Russia. Its thick armor was invulnerable to everything except the 88mm anti-aircraft gun, leading German soldiers to give it the nickname "monster."
  • Length: 148mm, Large box-shaped turret and imposing silhouette accurately reproduced.
  • Die-cast chassis for added weight and realism.
  • Assembly type tracks with one-piece straight sections featuring realistic sag effect.

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