Tamiya Military 1/48 FlakPz IV Wirbelwind Tank Kit

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Accepting Back Orders - Will Ship When Available

A Whirlwind of Cannon Fire - As the Luftwaffe lost air superiority, Allied fighter-bombers proved to be an increasingly dangerous threat to the German army, and plans were developed to produce a purpose-built mobile antiaircraft platform to protect the ground units from air attack. The Wirbelwind was based on the proven Pz.kpfw.IV chassis and featured a uniquely-shaped open turret with 9 side panels. Armed with quadruple 20mm Flak 38 L/112.5 fast-firing cannons, it was able to make life difficult for low-flying Allied planes that got in its range as well as provide direct fire support for ground troops. Due to material shortages, production was hampered and there were never enough of these vehicles to go around.

★Length: 122mm, Distinctively shaped turret accurately reproduced.
★Quad-20mm cannon with linked gunsight can be elevated even after assembly for more display options.
★Die-cast chassis provides added weight for a sense of volume.
★Assembly-type tracks feature one-piece straigh sections with realistic sag effect.
★Includes 4 figures in winter camouflage to create a diorama straight from the box.

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