Tamiya Military 1/48 British Crusader Mk III AA Tank Kit

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Purpose-Built Anti-Aircraft Tank - In the early phases of WWII, British forces were often attacked by low-flying Luftwaffe aircraft, so it was decided to develop an anti-aircraft vehicle to counter those attacks. Among these, the Crusader Mk.III Anti-Aircraft Tank Mk.III was the most polished. With an open turret armed with two 20mm Oerlikon cannons, which could fire at 480 rounds/minute and had a range of 2,150m, the 600 or so vehicles first saw action during the Normandy invasion. They went on to serve until the end of the war, providing air defense and ground fire support for Allied forces.
  • Open top welded turret accurately reproduced, complete with interior details such as the 20mm cannons and gunner position.
  • Bolt-on armor plates and side skirts further distinguish it from the normal Crusader tanks.
  • Die-cast chassis provides realistic sense of volume.
  • Assembly type tracks feature one-piece straight sections with realistic sag effect.
  • Comes with 4 British army figures and 2 types of markings.

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