Takom Military 1/35 WWII German V2 Vidalwagen Hanomag SS100 Rocket Transporter Kit

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The Vidalwagen road transport trailer was used to move the V2 from the railhead to the field stores and then again to the firing troop transfer point. Once there, the missile would be hoisted onto the Meillerwagen. It was lightweight but very strong. The 46-foot long A-frame tubular design could easily support the 4,485 lbs (2040 kg) weight of the empty V2. The Vidalwagen was designed by Otto Daus, at that time chief constructor in the Tempo-works at Vidal & Sohn Co.

There were five platoons in the V-2 mobile launch group, one of these was the Technical Group. these men Unloaded rockets, minus warheads, from the rail cars that carried them to the operational areas. They moved the rockets to the field stores. Tested and prepared them for the launching platoon. The technical troop would use about three Vidalwagen trailers for each Meillerwagen launching unit - so, a V2 battery technical troop would have approximately 27 Vidalwagens.

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