Takom Military 1/35 French AML90 Light Armored Car (2 in 1) Kit

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Accepting Back Orders - Will Ship When Available

Fast, long-ranged, and relatively cheap first-generation armored car with excellent reconnaissance capability. Since 1959 AMLs have been marketed on up to five continents, several variants remained in continuous production for half a century. AML-90 was designed for carrying out rearguard duties and substituting for the heavier tanks and armored fighting vehicles deployed in a more linear fashion at the front.

Kit has single piece lower hull with separate doors, separate turret, hinged hatches and doors, separate on-vehicle tools and equipment, smoke grenade dischargers, 90mm rifled gun, 7.62mm machine gun, clear accents for lights, detailed driveline and suspension with movable wheels, rubber tires (and spare).

Decals and painting reference for (5) vehicles: Argentinian Army, Esquadron de Exploracion Caballeria Blindada 181st Armored Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, Battle of Wireless Ridge 1982; French Army; Israeli Defence Forces, Latrun; Iraq Army, Operation Desert Storm, Kuwait 1991 and Lebonese Army Special Forces, 3rd Intervention Regiment 2012.

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