Squadron Signal Fairey Firefly in Action

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British WWII Naval Fighter that superseded the Fairey Fulmar in the Fleet Air Arm, and remained in British Service into the mid-1950s.  Includes the F.1, F.1A, FR.1, NF.1, T.1, TT.1, NF.2, T.2, F.3, T.3, FR.4, TT.4, NF.4, FR.5, NF.5, AS.5, T.5, TT.5, AS.6, TT.6, AS/T.7, T.7D, U.7, T.8, U.8, and U.9 variants. Also covers Firefly operations in the Pacific, Malaya, and Korea, as well as Fireflies in foreign service.
  • 90 photos
  • 17 line drawings
  • 10 color profiles
  • 50 pages

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