Squadron Signal B-29 Superfortress Combat Chronicles

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With its pressurized cabins for high-altitude operation, long-range and large bomb capacity, and turbo-supercharged engines, the B-29 Superfortress was the epitome of cutting-edge US air power during WWII. The author, a photographer with the 40th Bomb Group and a veteran of 83 Superfortress missions, offers a first-hand eye-witness account and shares his experiences on reconnaissance and bombing missions, flying the "Hump," and taking off from an advanced base in Sichuan, China, to pummel Japanese occupation forces throughout Asia. In early 1945, the 40th Bomb Group moved to newly-liberated Tinian from which they took part in the final chapter of WWII, the aerial assault on the Japanese home islands. Introduces you to fellow veterans of the 40th who relate their no-less extraordinary experiences, such as ditching in the Bay of Bengal, lost in the Siberian Taiga, downed behind enemy lines in China, and taken prisoner after bailing out over Tokyo.
  • Soft Cover
  • 120 Pages

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