Special Hobby Aircraft 1/72 Nomad Mk I Attack Bomber Kit

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The Northrop A-17, known in Commonwealth service as the Nomad, was a land-based light bomber, developed in the 1930s for the US Army Air Force. Similar in layout to the Vought Vindicator naval aircraft, the A-17 was an unrelated development, despite being powered by the same Pratt and Whitney Twin Wasp Junior radial engine. It was capable of a maximum speed of just over 200mph, had a range of 650 miles and could carry up to 1,200lb of bombs in its internal bay or on hard points under the wings. Although the A-17 was not produced in any great numbers it was exported to a surprising number of countries, including Argentina, Iraq, Norway and Sweden. Great Britain took over an order intended for France and received 61 examples, which were promptly declared obsolete and passed over to Canada and South Africa for training and target tug duties.

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