Special Hobby Aircraft 1/48 F86K Sabre Dog All-Weather Fighter w/Dutch, Italian & Norwegian Markings Kit

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In accordance to US Mutual Defense Assistance Program for NATO AFs the simplified version of F-86D was designed. It was designated F-86K. North American produced several aircraft but the main production was shifted to Italian Fiat where the license production had started. F-86K was put in service to air forces of Italy, Holland, Norway, France and Germany. The older machines were later purchased by Turkey and Venezuela.
  • Three sprues with grey plastic parts and injected clear parts
  • Decals are for three machines, all of them in natural metal finish
  • Italian and Dutch aircraft wear the unit marking on the vertical fin
  • The most fancy is the Norwegian aircraft that sports unit marking, shark mouth and art drawing of a dog
  • Generous stencils are particular for each of the three aircraft

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