Special Hobby Aircraft 1/32 P36A Hawk US Army Pearl Harbor Defender Fighter Kit

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The Curtiss P-36A, besides the Seversky P-35 fighter, became the first modern low-wing US fighter plane. Not only that it was successfully exported in the pre-war era and also during the early stages of the war, it also became the main front-line fighter of the US Army Air Force until its successor, the P-40 fighter, came into service. Thanks to this, it also lived to see its only fighter appearance in US colors. This deployment brought the USAAF the first victories in the Second World War.
Kit contains:
  • Five frames of grey plastic
  • Frame of clear parts
  • PE fret and a set of resin parts
  • The decal sheet offers marking for two Pearl Harbor based machines whose pilots, P.Rasmussen and HW. Brown, were successful and gained their victories during the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941

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