Rye Field 1/35 M1A2 SEP Abrams Tusk I/II/M1A1 US Main Battle Tank (3 in 1) Kit

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The M1A2 Abrams program incorporated improved frontal armor protection, improved mission electronics on a digital data bus, and implementation of the independent thermal sight (ITS) (M1A1s had the mount in place but was never used until the M1A2 upgrade). While 77 new-build M1A2s rolled off the production line, most were upgrades for remanufactured Abrams. The next round of improvements came as the System Enhancement Package (SEP) which added navigation and situational awareness. The additional mission electronics required improvements to the cooling system, both of which increased the electrical load on the tank. In order to operate the tank without the main engine operating constantly, an auxiliary power unit was added to the rear turret basket.


  • 'Long' turret with anti-slip surfaces molded into the top surfaces
  • Lower hull with no holes for motorization
  • Upper hull with anti-slip surfaces molded into the top surfaces (appears to be in the correct areas)
  • Options to build M1A1 AIM TUSK, M1A2 SEP v2 TUSK I or TUSK II versions
  • Road wheel hubs are hollow with clear caps
  • Optional boat hull ventral armor plate
  • Choice of TUSK I or TUSK II side skirts
  • Positionable doors for gunner's thermal sight
  • Optional coaxial M2 machine gun over main gun
  • Choice of M1A1 or M1A2 commander's cupola/hatch
  • Optional commander and gunner gun shields over hatches
  • Choice of APU (M1A1) or VCU (M1A2 SEP V2) in turret basket
  • Optional stowed tow bars
  • Optional drink coolers and ammo stowage

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