Revell Germany Ship Models 1/300 German Class F122 Frigate Kit

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F122 Bremen Class Frigates were the pride of the German Navy for three decades. All eight vessels served as convoy escorts during the trying days of the Cold War. Their chief role is hunting subs, but they have extensive anti-air and anti-surface capabilities, as well. Currently, five of the eight Bremen Class vessels have been replaced by the upcoming F125 class but the remaining three continue to participate in anti-piracy missions and in anti-terrorism operations. 
  • Two piece hull
  • Sea Sparrow guided missiles
  • 76 mm Gun
  • Harpoon guided missiles
  • Torpedo launch systems
  • Westland Sea Lynx Helicopter
  • Waterslide decals
  • Illustrated instructions
Marking Options:
  1.  F207 Bremen
  2.  F208 Niedersachsen
  3.  F209 Rheinland-Pfalz
  4.  F210 Emden
  5.  F211 Köln
  6.  F212 Karlsruhe
  7.  F213 Augsburg
  8.  F214 Lübeck

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