Roden Aircraft 1/32 L19/O1E Bird Dog USAF Floatplane Kit

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  • After the war, the US Army ordered a modern observation aircraft.
  • Cessna presented the improved type of private type 170, 305A.
  • Improve the rear of the fuselage to improve the rear visibility, the door was expanded considering loading the stretcher.
  • The Army introduced 3,200 aircraft from 1950 to 1919, began the Korean War and was also introduced into Vietnam.
  • After the Vietnam War, the fixed-wing aircraft was transferred to the Air Force and was operated by the Air Force after that.
  • In addition, there were many aircraft remodeled for various purposes due to the handy fuselage.
  • Miniature aircraft type is a double float type, in order to improve stability during water skiing, small tail wing is added to the horizontal stabilizer.

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