Roden Aircraft 1/144 C141B Starlifter USAF Team McChord Airlifter Aircraft Kit

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One of the significant limitations of the first production model was the relatively small volume of its cargo cabin: although capable of lifting 32 tons, the aircraft could only accommodate a 22 ton payload. This prompted Lockheed to make changes to the design, and so 271 C-141A aircraft were converted to C-141B configuration. The rebuild continued from 1977 to 1979, when these machines were returned to active service, which lasted nearly 20 years. The capacity of the design, which was significantly strengthened, was doubled.  The C-141B took part in Operation Desert Storm in 1991, but it was their last major operational use. Structural wear took more and more planes out of service, and they were replaced by the new C-17.
  • Molded in high quality plastic
  • Illustrated instructions
  • Clear parts

Includes decals for one version:

  1. C-141B Starlifter, s/n 65-0257, US Air Force, 452nd Air Mobility Wing, March AFB, CA, middle 1990th. This aircraft is now displayed at the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson, Ohio.

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