Roden Aircraft 1/144 C133A Cargomaster Turpoprop Cargo Aircraft (New Tool) Kit

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C-133A Cargomaster - American heavy transport aircraft, developed in the late 1950s. At one time, it was the largest plane in the heavy category and the only one that could transport almost the whole range of armaments of the US Army of any size. The aircraft was intensively used at the height of the Cold War between the superpowers for the transfer of large volumes of military cargoes from the United States to Western Europe. The C-133A was also used during the Vietnam War, and C-133s took part in the US space program in order to ship equipment to Cape Canaveral. After the discovery of extensive structural defects, all aircraft of this type were taken out of military service and transferred to storage facilities or to museums. The last application of the C-133 occurred in 1976 when oil equipment was shipped to Alaska. 35 C-133A variants were built.

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