Roden Military 1/35 Pattern 1920 MkI British Armored Car (Modified w/Sand Tires) Kit

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At the end of the 1930s the threatening clouds of war loomed in the air and in all about 150 cars were on the roster of various military units, more than 70 of them in North Africa and the Far East. At that point a number of those Rolls-Royce Armored Cars which were in service in the desert passed though a standard modernization: they were fitted with new, wider wheels and new disks for better traction in sandy areas, the front of the armored body was redesigned, improving the driver's field of view, and extra new small lights were set on the front wheel wings. The shape of the rotating turret was changed: it was opened up and less rounded longitudinally. It was fitted with a Boys rifle and Vickers guns. With the onset of conflict, and frequent air attack, another gun was added for conducting anti-aircraft fire. 
In spite of its obsolescent construction the Rolls-Royce Armored Car was used by British troops almost up to the end of WWII. In the combat areas of Africa the more modern Hummers and Staghounds predominated, although the Rolls-Royce was also put to use. And in the Far East in India and Burma where their enemies were similarly archaic Japanese armored cars, they continued until the end of WWII, though by 1945 their number was very small.

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