Roden Aircraft 1/32 Albatros D I WWI German Pursuit BiPlane Fighter Kit

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The appearance of the Albatros D.I at the end of the summer of 1916 was a nasty surprise for the British and it was clear that their de Havilland DH2 had immediately lost its advantage. Allied aces such as James McCudden noted the outstanding capability of the Albatros D.I and gave due respect to its fighting prowess in the air.
In the fall of 1916, Jasta 2 under the command of famed ace Oswald Boelcke forced the air arms of the opposition to set about improving their own equipment. The active service of the Albatros D.I was quite short, because already at the end of 1916 it was being supplanted by the more modern Albatros D.II. Some of the machines from the 50 produced in total, survived to the last year of the Great War as training planes.

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