Roden Aircraft 1/32 Fokker D VI WWI German BiPlane Fighter/Interceptor Kit

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The first production example of the D.VI. was accepted on April 26, 1918 and by August sixty aircraft of this type had been produced. Contracts for sixty more were cancelled because at this time the Fokker D.VII entered service. This new design was superior to the D.VI in every way.

The majority of all 60 D.VIs built were delivered to the Kampf Einsitzer Staffeln, special units created mainly for the intercepting of Allied bombers. The Fokker D.VI which had an air-cooled engine and could take-off without delay was a good choice for this role. But the climbing ability of the D.VI was still poor and the fighters were dispersed in the Alsace-Lorraine region where bombing raids were less frequent. Other machines were delivered to the training units; and Austria-Hungary purchased seven aircraft of this type. After the end of the war at least two D.VIs were tested in France and the USA. 

Overall, the Fokker D.VI was overshadowed by the most successful types like the Fokker Dr.I and Fokker E.V/D.VIII and, obviously, by the magnificent Fokker D.VII. With only sixty built, it might seem to have vanished in an ocean of fighters, but the D.VI played its own small role in the sky battles of World War One.

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