Revell Germany Military 1/35 SpPz2 Luchs A1/A2 Recon Vehicle Kit

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The 408 examples made by Thyssen-Henschel of the Spähpanzer 2 LUCHS were used from 1975 onwards in the Federal German Army tank reconnaissance units. The all-wheel drive LUCHS (Lynx) is well armoured, has NBC protection and a special feature of this vehicle is a station for a second rear-facing driver. The vehicle that was upgraded with an improved ammunition feed system was given the designation LUCHS A1. Up until the first combat capability upgrade to the LUCHS A2 in 1985 (this included the incorporation of thermal night vision equipment replacing the original IR/white light searchlight), the LUCHS was fully amphibious and could negotiate water obstacles independently with its rear-mounted propellers and forward trim vane. It is armed with an Rh 202 Mk 20 mm machine cannon and a 7.62 mm AA MG. The crew consists of front-facing driver, gunner, rear-facing driver/radio operator and commander.

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